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Online Music Production

So you want to get into online music production, do you? Let me tell you, thousands of your musically minded peers are catching on to this great new technological advance.

No longer do you have to pay hundreds of dollars hiring a studio or paying a producer to create awesome beats for you. With technology advancing so quickly it is now not only easy to produce music from your own computer, it’s also affordable!

If you are looking around for good online music production software, you have probably read the advice from many musicians telling you that beat making software has become really easy to use and is compatible with most programming systems.


Music Productions

And they are right, it’s true! But it’s also really easy to get stuck in a rut with online music production.

It’s easy and you go with the flow, but there will come a point that you will find that you are creating the same sort of sound over and over again.
You need to expand your horizon to be great at online music production!


So, although music production software is relatively simple and user-friendly, there are certainly a few tricks that will help you to enhance your final musical score into something that is more original.

It, of course, depends on what you are wanting to do online music production for. Some people are artists, wanting to create great beats for their own rap or hip hop songs, or producers wanting to find a cheap easier way to produce online.
Or some people are videographers who are looking to produce great soundtracks for their films. Whatever category you fit into, this advice is for you.

Music relies on its beat to carry it, and that is the most important element of any musical score, regardless of the genre or use. So create your drum beat and lay down that loop first.
Once you have done that you can then lay down the bass, which will help set the mood of your piece. The combination of the bass and drums creates the pace and rhythm of the song you are building.

Now you have the vital components that build the foundation for any good music, you have the basics of online music production. It’s time to get creative!
On top of your bass and drums, you can improvise and see what works best, try everything, don’t get stuck in only using the same instruments because you know them well, or only adding similar sorts of samples.

Get creative, use something unheard of, use songs that aren’t necessarily popular but have an interesting vocal pitch. Mix it up!
On any online music production software, there should be included folders of loops and instrumentals that you can use for free. Test them all out, be surprised what sort of sounds you can get from really random instruments, try the xylophone instead of using a guitar every time, don’t remain traditional!

Many great songs and soundtracks use rhythmic percussion and sound effects that create a cool texture of sound that becomes musical, try everything, from sounds on the street to an old record.

Most importantly have fun! And find your new sound and then you can become much more successful at online music production!